Bruce McLaughlin Photography

We have choices in life—what we choose to look at and what we pay attention to.

In my nature photography, I want to remind people of the beauty of the natural environment. In my urban photography, I want to slow time down and show people what surrounds them in their day to day life.

My tools are a small digital camera, a Mac computer, and occasionally a cell phone camera. When the view of the camera is not wide enough to enclose an image I see, I use the computer to stitch several images together into a panoramic photograph.


My interest in photography began when I saw the work of Ansel Adams. Growing up in California I spent time among the rocks, pines, mountains, valleys, and redwoods that Adams photographed. My desire at first was to emulate Adams. Other photographers work I admire are Galen Rowell, Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans.

When I began my photography, film was in common use. When I was working at the University Computer Center, I saw early digital scanners and color printers. I wished there was some way I could do my photography on the computer instead of with film. Years later I found myself with a complete digital photography setup—digital camera, computer, color printer—and I began making digital photographs. I have continued to upgrade my tools and training, and I still enjoy and appreciate the ability to make my photographs with my own digital tools.